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Why you need a civil litigation lawyer

"You should consult with a lawyer on any matter involving litigation before making or defending a claim, explains David Archibold, Associate Lawyer.  "Even if you are totally convinced that your position is correct, you could get an unfavorable result because you lacked proper legal representation." 

Litigation matters involving amounts of $50,000 or less are generally heard in the Provincial Court of Alberta, which has jurisdiction to hear most, but not all such cases.  Matters involving larger sums, injunctive relief and claims under certain statutory enactments are handled by the Court of Queen's Bench.   

Civil litigation legal services 

  • Construction litigation and builder's liens
  • Condominium disputes
  • Employment law
  • Wills and estates litigation
  • Product liability cases
  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial lease matters
  • Debt actions
  • Contractual Disputes

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