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Achieving favorable outcomes by aligning legal and business strategies

Clients throughout Alberta and the North choose Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP because they want a law firm that understands the importance of aligning legal and business strategies.  "We are not just delivering legal services," explains David Archibold, Associate lawyer. "We are providing detailed legal advice and strategic input that helps advance the success of the business".

Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP will be the right choice for your firm if your expectations include:

  • Ability to resolve all types of construction disputes by advancing the interests of our clients through the Courts, arbitration, adjudication, mediation and other dispute resolution proceedings.
  • Experience working with all construction industry participants (owners, developers, lenders, contractors and equipment suppliers)
  • Understand the entire life cycle of construction projects, ranging from early stage contracting and procurement to construction, contract closeout, completion and warranty period
  • Recognize the importance of keeping clients (project owner, general contractor, insurer) informed of their legal rights and obligations in matters ranging construction default and  insolvency to bond claims and builders liens.

Builders' Liens (Contractors & Subcontractors)

The litigation lawyers at Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP have extensive experience representing contractors and sub contractors:

  • submitted to demand payment for work and materials supplied on a construction project, renovation or repair
  • receiving lien claims from sub-contractors.

"Whether you are seeking payment through a lien or need removal of a claim, we know how to protect and advance your interests," explains David Archibold, Associate lawyer.  For example, it's important that you preserve your statutory rights by making the claim within the time limit." 

Builders' Liens (for Land Owners and Prime Contractors)

Removal of a Builders' Lien in a timely basis is vital to ensure ongoing progress payments, clear title and continued construction financing.   "We understand what is at stake," explains David Archibold, "and can act in a timely manner because we know how to respond when claims are registered in the Land Titles Office, under the Public Works Act and against mineral interests at Alberta Environment."

For more information on our Civil Litigation Services, please refer to our Litigation FAQ page or contact us online.

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Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP Litigation Legal Team

Edmonton lawyer Jonathan McCully of the law firm Sharek & Co, where he handles commercial, civic and insurance litigation, personal injury law suits and employment law.

Jonathan McCully


David Archibold, a lawyer in the Edmonton law offices of Sharek & Co. where he handles corporate and commercial law, creditors rights, and commercial contractual dispute litigation, including creditors rights and recovery, and real estate and construction litigation.

David Archibold


Lawyer Pierre Blais, a solicitor in the Edmonton law firm Sharek & Co, where he handles personal injury law suits, real estate law and business and commercial law.

Pierre Blais


Pauline M. Blais


photo of Jim Di Pinto, Edmonton lawyer with Sharek Logan & van Leenen

Genuino (Jim) Di Pinto


photo of Amber Poburan, Associate Lawyer in Edmonton

Amber Poburan


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