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Protecting and advancing the rights of creditors

Few legal firms in Edmonton have lawyers that can match the experience Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP lawyers have in the handling of creditor claims against debtors.  Our legal team can provide knowledgeable, professional advice on the scope of recovery and other alternative remedies available to a creditor against debtors, or the rights of debtors in such circumstances.

Acting on behalf of lenders and other creditors

A receiver or receiver-manager is a qualified firm appointed to take possession or control of assets, such as inventory, the accounts receivable or other property of a debtor for recovery purposes on behalf of a secured party or creditor. Our firm generally acts on behalf of lenders and other creditors who need our help to:

  • appoint receivers
  • protect their interests
  • learn about legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities

Secured and unsecured collections

Effective handling of secured and unsecured collections requires a sound understanding of both creditors' and debtors' rights.  You need to understand both to make an accurate interpretation and analysis of each party's position and apply that knowledge to the maximum benefit of the client. 

Enforcement actions

  • Financial information demands of judgment debtors
  • Seizures/sales of eligible assets
  • Garnishments
  • Mortgage foreclosure actions
  • Advise debtors of available exemptions


A bankrupt person or legal entity is one that has formally assigned into or otherwise been put into bankruptcy under supervision of a trustee. Being bankrupt is different than simply being 'insolvent', which generally means a person is not formally bankrupt, but is presently unable to meet obligations as they become due.

If you are facing bankruptcy, a lawyer at Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP can provide practical advice on the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, which is necessary to make well informed decisions at a time of life when people are feeling a lot of stress.

For more information on our Creditor Protection and Recovery Services, please refer to our Creditor Protection and Recovery FAQ page or contact us online.

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Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP Creditor Protection and Recovery Legal Team

Corporate and commercial lawyer Ian D. Logan, a solicitor in the Edmonton law firm, where he offers legal services for bankruptcy and insolvency, secured and unsecured debt collection, commercial and residential real estate, commercial transactions and corporate law

Ian D. Logan


David Archibold, a lawyer in the Edmonton law offices of Sharek & Co. where he handles corporate and commercial law, creditors rights, and commercial contractual dispute litigation, including creditors rights and recovery, and real estate and construction litigation.

David Archibold


photo of Jim Di Pinto, Edmonton lawyer with Sharek Logan & van Leenen

Genuino (Jim) Di Pinto


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