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ITIN Application / Certifying Acceptance Agent

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

An ITIN is an identification number assigned by the IRS to people who do not live in the U.S.

Common reasons for needing an ITIN include the following:

Application Process

While it is possible to apply for an ITIN on your own, many people find the application process complicated and meeting the requirements challenging. The most common issue faced by people trying to apply for an ITIN without the assistance of a Certifying Acceptance Agent is meeting the specific identification requirements. The IRS will not accept notarial copies of your identification from Canadian Notaries who are not also approved IRS Acceptance Agents.

Therefore, the only way to verify your identity and foreign status to the IRS and obtain an ITIN is to:

  1. forward your original identification to the IRS by mail (and they will return it by mail – we do not recommend mailing your identification under any circumstance);
  2. visit a U.S. Notary in the U.S.;
  3. visit a U.S. Consulate (we have, however, assisted clients whose identification was not accepted by the IRS even though they had it certified by the U.S. Consulate); or
  4. hire a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

David van Leenen, a partner of Sharek & Co., is a Certifying Acceptance Agent for the IRS and has entered into a formal agreement with the IRS authorizing him to assist with the ITIN application process and verify an applicant’s identity and foreign status.

Our ITIN application service includes:

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ITIN Application / Certifying Acceptance Agent