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Mention family law and most people automatically think of separation, divorce, child custodychild support, spousal support and uncontested divorce.  But this area of law goes far beyond the breakdown of a spousal relationship and property division.

Some Family Law clients need help before they enter a relationship (prenuptial) or after (postnuptial).  Others may have issues related to domestic adultery, violence, assault, restraining orders and emergency protection. Still others have cases that involve non-traditional family units.

No two family law cases are identical and it is often necessary to work through highly complex issues that are not easily resolved.

For more information on our Family Law Services, please refer to our Family Law FAQ page or contact us online.

We're here to help when you have questions for a Family Law Lawyer

If you have questions or require additional information about Family Law (divorce, separation, child support, father's rights, mother's rights, spousal support, property division, etc.) with Sharek Logan & van Leenen LLP, please complete the form below with a description of your legal issue.  We will respond to you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

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